Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sleeping at Night

In a million years I never thought I would be writing this post with Colton not even being 12 weeks old...but...I am happy to say he is sleeping through the night most nights!  He gets a bath around 8:30 or 9:00, eats his night time meal, goes to sleep, and sleeps until 5:30-6:00.  That's just crazy!  Some nights he may wake up around 2, but that's only once or twice a week.  I'm so proud of my little man...and extremely thankful for getting to sleep through the night myself!!

Not only is he sleeping through the night, but a couple weeks ago we move him out of the bassinet in our room into the crib in his room! I didn't sleep good for a few nights, but when I realized he would be okay and I really would hear him on the monitor I was able to sleep.  He sleeps so much better in his own bed, and that's when the sleeping through the night started.  I guess since he couldn't stretch out in the bassinet because he's so big that he couldn't get comfortable so he wasn't sleeping well.  Now that he can stretch out and move around he sleeps better :) Makes me a happy momma!!

My Wish For You...

As I laid in bed last night I couldn't help but think of all the things I want for Colton...

  1. That he never doubt mine and his daddy's love for him
  2. Know that home is a place where he can always feel safe and secure
  3. To learn how to treat, respect, and love a woman through his fathers example
  4. To follow his dreams and passions
  5. Fight for what he truly believe in
  6. To have an education...whether it be taught from books or experience
  7. That he knows even in rough times God is there with open arms
  8. To strive for his best...no matter what his best is
  9. To find his own true love...whatever it may be
  10. That he never doubt mine and his daddy's love for him

What I Wish For My Son
By: Linda M. Johnson
What I wish for you today and every day there after,
I wish for you the joys of life to come,
I wish for you that the life you lead may be praised by God for now and always,
I wish for you the knowledge to face life as it comes,
I wish for you hope and wisdom that I have instilled in you to know the difference between right and wrong,
I wish for you all the dreams and hope that you could ever imagine,
I wish for you love for everlasting life.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Growing so fast...

My little man is growing so fast! Tomorrow he goes for his 2 month check up, and I'm curious to see how much he's grown!  Every day he discovers something new and thinks everything is funny...especially the ceiling fans and mobile at my parents house; my parents still have the mobile they bought when my sister Emily was born, and it spins with a horse, sheep, dog, and rabbit hanging down for baby to see. Colton loves that thing!!  He starts cooing, smiling, and jumping around when he sees the horse or sheep on it...mom says it's because he wants to ride a horse and go muttin' bustin'!  Kyle can get him laughing and cooing, and it is so sweet to talk to him and have him 'tell me about his day' where he just coos and giggles about things.  Here are a few pictures of my sweet sweet boy!

Logan & Colton

baby yawns are so cute

love this!

laughing at daddy playing baseball on ps3

Sick Baby

Colton got sick for the first time after he finished up his second week of day care.  He woke up Sunday, July 29th, with a low grade fever.  We went to my moms around lunch and we all took turns snuggling him in front of a humidifier all day.  As the day went on his fever got worse; the highest it got was 102.0.  I called Monday to make an appointment with his pediatrician, and ended up making an appointment with another pediatrician in the office so he could be seen sooner.  Not even 5 minutes after being off the phone, their office called back and said I needed to take him to the Emergency Room right away and get him checked out since his fever was so high; they were worried it was something bad.  So I loaded him up and took him to the ER.  When we got there, the nurse was checking him over and told me they would do a full work up on him; blood work, urine samples, and a spinal tap.  I started to freak out, but stayed calm so I could wait and see what the doctor decided to do.  The doctor came in, and said that they weren't going to do all the tests first, that they would give him tylenol and see if that helped, and if so we could go home.  Luckily the tylenol worked!  They ruled he had an Upper Respiratory Infection and said to keep his fever down with tylenol and to keep him in front of the humidifier to help his congestion break up.  He ran a low fever the rest of that day, and stopped running fever Tuesday afternoon.  All was good, and I was going to give him a bath and get ready for bed since I was planning on returning to work the next day.  When I took his clothes off to give him a bath I noticed he had a flat red rash all over!!  I called the on call nurse and they talked with the on call pediatrician who said to call first thing in the morning and get it checked out; luckily since he wasn't running a fever we didn't have to take him to the ER that night.  His pediatrician said the rash was from his virus and not to be alarmed!  It was such a hectic week, but luckily we made it through!

Uncle Jacob came to visit sick Colton

Mommy Goes To Work

July 16th was my first day back at work; Colton turned 6 weeks old on the 15th and I was technically only out for 5 weeks since he was born on a Sunday.  I wasn't ready to go back at all, but had to.  Kyle met me at the day care and we took him to his room together.  I was doing great until I got into the car to drive to work; I busted out in tears.  I called my sister and talked with her on my drive to work and she calmed me down.  I really didn't expect to cry, but it was so difficult to leave him here.  I fought the urge to call all morning, but broke down around lunch time and called to check on him.  They said he was doing great and was sleeping most of the time; it really made me feel a lot better to know he was doing good.  I took pictures of him with me to work and put them on my rotating background on the computer so I could see him anytime I wanted/needed.  Day 2 was a lot easier, and I only teared up...I also took my sisters advice and turned on a good song and sang along the entire way to work.  By the time the end of the week came it was easier to drop him off.  It really was a lot easier knowing he was in good hands, and once I got back into the groove at work dropping him was easy.  I still would like to stay home with him, but I know it would just make me stir crazy!

All Smiles

I have been MIA for a while...Mommy In Action! My little man is growing so fast, and changing so much! July 11th was the first time I caught him smiling at an object, not just from gas :) We were laying in bed that morning, and I had gotten up and was changing his clothes. I look down and he was smiling big smiles!! I looked over to see what he was smiling at, and Kyle has a cowboy hat that hangs on our bed post, and apparently he thought it was pretty dang funny! He just kept smiling and smiling...ever so often a little coo would come out, but this was the first time he smiled at 'something' :) Made my day!

Melts my heart

Love this smirk!
So goofy it's cute :)