Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome Dylan Scott...

Monday, August 25th, I was awoken by what I thought might be braxton hicks around 3:15am.  I started timing them at 3:24am...they were about 3 1/2 minutes apart and pretty intense. (I highly recommend the app "full term."  It is easy to use, tells you the average length and how far apart the contractions are.)  I decided not to wake Kyle up because I wanted to make sure they were the real deal...after all he would have to get up and go to work in a couple hours if it was a false alarm.  He woke up around 4am asking what I was doing; needless to say he didn't go back to sleep after that :)  We called my mom to ask her to take Colton to daycare around 6:00, then dropped him off just after 6:30.  We got to the hospital around 7 and back to the triage room for monitoring shortly after that.  They hooked me up to the machine to monitor contractions at 7:30 according to the strip they printed off and gave me...the strip was less than 10 minutes long!  She checked to see how far I was, and she looked up and says 'what are you feelings of natural child birth?' I was like whhhhhy?  'You're a 7 almost an 8 and going to have this baby soon!'  She unhooked everything and off to the L&D room we went.  At this point contractions were unbearable and I was asking for pain meds...actually they had been unbearable for quite some time now!  They got me in the room, hooked up, and the spinal in (no time for a full epidural), and within a few minutes of the spinal and a few pushes Dylan was born!  It was super fast, but I wouldn't change that for anything!!  I was up within a couple hours walking, and if they would have let me go home that day with him I think I would have!

I would like to introduce you to Dylan Scott :)  He was born August 25, 2014, at 8:40am.  He weighed 6lb 15oz and was 18 inches long!

Wide Awake!

Colton was excited to meet his little brother too!  He checked him over, looked at his eye, ears, nose, fingers, and was good :)  He's done great with him so far, granted we are only just over 2 weeks in to it all right now too.  He loves his brother and is so excited to show him to people, it is so adorable!  Can't wait to watch them grow up together and hopefully be great friends!