Monday, January 30, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 20

Baby Size: 10"; Banana
Baby Weight: 10.5oz
Well this week marked the half way point of my pregnancy!  With the exception of finding out about the marginal previa, the week was ok.  I found myself being extra moody, tired, and hormonal.  Everything and everyone irritated the hell out of me!  I wasn't sleeping good so that just added to the hormones, and just everything in general added to it.  So I talked with a friend from work and she recommended sleeping alone one night and see if a good nights sleep would help...boy did it work wonders!!!  I woke up in the same position I went to sleep, and was soooo rested and in a great mood!  The hormones are still a little shaky, but that's to be expected.  I'm just super excited I got to sleep and in a better mood!  Woohoo!!!

I also realized that I didn't post a belly pic on week 19, I'll get back on schedule with week 21 :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

20 Week Dr. Appt

So today was my 20 week doctors appointment and I got to hear my little man's heartbeat...A-Mazing!  He briefly went over the ultrasound that I had done on the 16th and said everything with baby was good and normal.  However, I have to go for another ultrasound around 28 weeks to look at my placenta.  On the 16th they saw I have marginal previa.  Marginal previa means that my placenta partially covers my cervix; below is a picture I found when I got back...I'm a visual person :)

So my DR thinks that as my uterus grows the placenta should pull up and away from the cervix.  They should be able to tell at 28 weeks if it's moved any, and from there be able to determine how far from my cervix it should end up.  Depending on if the placenta does or doesn't move, and if it does how far, I may need a c-section.  With the placenta being so low it can cause issues during labor/delivery and would want to do what's best for me and the baby.  I'm personally cool with a c-section!  I've kind of been telling myself I will get one since our confirmation appointment when the doctor mentioned the baby implanted right by my cervix versus at the top or side of my uterus.  C-sections don't both me at all, I'm just not looking forward to the recovery is all...but hey...all my junk will stay normal!! Haha!!!  I guess only time will tell.

Must admit though...I am excited to get to see the fella again in 8 weeks :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 19

Baby Size: 6.5"; Mango
Baby Weight: 8.5oz

Since we found out this week that we are having a little boy, the great name debate has started in the house. may not be a 'great debate' but the decisions have started.  It is more difficult then I thought to come up with a name.  Not only does the name need to be 'good' but it also needs to sound right with the last name.  Then once you find that, you have to find a middle name that sounds good with both.  I have started using my mom's theory and saying the names in several different tones to see how it sounds!  We have also started deciding on a nursery theme, and I think it is going to be farm animals :)  It's getting exciting...and close!

Ultrasound Pics

We have yet to agree on a name, so Baby Boy he remains.  Since baby boy was a little uncooperative at our appointment, I didn't get too many 'awesome' shots, but I did get a couple super cute ones!  Enjoy!  The first one shows his legs going over his head, and the second one he is waving hello to mommy and daddy :)  there was one that was pretty neat, where you can see him balled up with his legs and arms curled together.  It was amazing to see him in there moving around and knowing that it was all going on inside of me!  That still just baffles me, how I have this little guy growing in me, and he's separate from me while being a part of me at the same time.  Truly amazing!

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's a baby...

Well today was our ultrasound,  and after much time they were able to tell it's a boy! He was a little uncooperative, but the tech was able to see everything she needed. So far as we can tell everything looks healthy :) I will post pics soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ultrasound Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day...hopefully...that we find out whether the bambino is a boy or girl!  I am soooo ready to find out; I hate referring to the baby as 'it', 'he', 'she', 'kid' or whatever.  I feel bad saying boy because what if it's a girl, or vice versa...then I feel bad calling it well...'it'.  That just sounds so cold and lifeless, and this is joyous. 

I have been dreaming, literally, about this day for a couple weeks now.  In some of the dreams we find out it's a boy or girl, in one there were twins in there, in another the baby had it's hands over it's parts like 'haha you can't see me!!'  That last one is my all time favorite though! :)  Hopefully we call tell, but if not, as long as everything else checks out that's all that really matters!

In less than 24 hours we will hopefully know!!

Bump-Date: Week 18

Baby Size: 6.5"; Sweet Potato
Baby Weight: 6.7oz
This week the baby has become super active and I feel it moving throughout the day.  Earlier in the week I woke up somewhere around 2am and wasn't able to go back to sleep.  So I was laying there with my hand on my belly, and was able to actually feel the baby kicking/moving!  I thought it was the neatest thing ever!  I had all I could not to wake Kyle up, but I knew he was sleepy the day before, so I didn't want to bother him.  I guess since I'm not very big, that that's the reason I can only feel the baby moving when I lay down.  I love the feeling!

This week I had issues falling alseep, staying asleep, and getting comfortable.  I have a body pillow I keep in another bedroom, so I went and got that his week and it seemed to work wonders.  I was able to put it where I needed more support or extra whatever, and was able to fall right asleep...I think I have fallen in love :) haha!  I also started a list this week of stuff to register for; I didn't realize how much stuff we really needed until I started making a's need a lot of stuff!  This week I have also had issues with gas/bloating in my stomach after I eat some meals.  It was rather painful some days, but I found that soda helps to relieve the pain and make the bloating go down; I guess I'll keep soda close!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 17

Baby Size: 5.1"; Onion
Baby Weight: 5.5oz
Week 17 was a little rough, but I just had a difficult time sleeping all through the night.  I haven't gotten up to use the restroom as much, but I kept waking up and was unable to go back to sleep; the only day I slept good was Thursday night.  I am super super sleepy! Oh well, I guess I better get use to it!

Early this week I had my first experience of what I think was the baby moving around.  It happened Tuesday, and I didn't actually feel the baby, but I was sitting at my desk at work and got this urge to the point I seriously thought I was going to go before I made it to the bathroom!  I thought oh that was weird...then it happened Wednesday too!  I think it was the little thing in there dancing on my bladder :)  After this, I became a little more aware, and started noticing little flutters, so I'm assuming that's the baby!  It is so weird and hard to describe what it feels like!  I can't wait until they get a little strong so Kyle can feel.

I can't wait until the 16th to see if it's a boy or girl!  I'm excited and ready to find out.  I have this fear that even if we go, that they won't be able to tell and then I'll have to wait! I also can't wait until my 'bump' doesn't look like I'm gaining weight and actually looks like a bump :)  I'm sure it will be here soon enough

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 16

Baby Size: 4.5"; Avocado
Baby Weight: 3.5oz

This week, again was uneventful, but I did have a dr appointment and got to hear my little Junebug's heartbeat again...155bpm this time!  Down a bit from the first time, but still a good strong beat and still the most amazing sound in the world.  I set the ultrasound appointment and met with the pediatrician, but I have a whole separate post of that, so please refer there...

This was my last week off from work; I was only off for 3 weeks when campus closed!  I'm ready to get back to work, but not at the same time.  Ready so I'll have more to do, but not because I like sleeping in and being lazy :)

Changing Up Weeks...

Ok, so when I originally went to the dr for my first appointment in October, he said I was 6w5d but measured 6w1d.  I told him how I O'ed late and he said that explained it.  Well now when I go to the dr everything is off by 4 days.  In the grand picture 4 days doesn't mean anything, I just don't like being off on all my stuff from what the DR says and has on file. So...I'm going to be jumping a few days and catching up with my dr so we are on the same schedule :)  I'm crazy, but oh well!!