Friday, October 21, 2011

Met our baby...

Well today was our first ultrasound appointment and got to see our little bean!  Funny parents pointed out that it looks like an inverted black-eyed pea!  Originally the doctor thought I was 6w5d with a due date of June 10th, but once he measured he saw I was 6w1d with a due date of June 14th.  I knew it was going to be later than my due date based on my last period because I ovulated late by 4 days according to my OPK.  Sure enough, I was right!  Everything was great, the measurements were right on for 6 weeks and we even got to see the flutter of the heartbeat!!  The dr said the heartbeat looked strong, so we were happy.  The only thing that the dr pointed out was that the baby attached at the bottom of my uterus, but he said that wasn't a big concern and could be handled at labor if something was wrong.  So without further ado...I introduce to you...Baby Wichman!

Oooooooo Ahhhhh it's so cute!  Weren't my parents right?!?  Doesn't it look kind of like an inverted black-eyed pea?!?

So now the debate begins...when to tell everyone.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I would love to tell everyone, but at the same time I would like to air on the side of caution.  I don't feel like telling people increases our chances of a miscarriage or anything, but at the same time I worry if we tell people and something happens then what?  With that being said, if something does happen we can just be honest and tell them X happened.  I don't think miscarrying is something to be ashamed of or anything, it's just something....well personal really.  Kyle is ready to tell, and I am, but to just cautiously tell maybe.  Ya know...tell a few and let the word spread on its own...just not announce it over the loud speaker at Walmart or anything.  We will just have to talk it out I guess :) and decide what's best for us!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


So only 5 days until we get to meet our new addition to the family!  I'm super, super excited and can't wait! I pray everything is progressing well and that I will be far enough along so we can see the heart beat.  I still am in a bit of shock that I have a little bean growing in me, but I love the feeling.  It's strange, but I always have this little smile on my face and I'm always touching my belly; I'm just content :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bump-Date: Week 6

Baby Size: <1"; Lentil

Baby Weight: <0.5oz
The baby is developing its nose, mouth, ears, and eyes this week.  The baby is even pumping some of its own blood!

Kind of early, but I wanted to start posting pictures this week so maybe we can see a gradual change!  Ok, ok, that's not a baby bump...that's pootch & a lot of bloat, but it gets us a baseline...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am in total disbelief today! I just want to scream to the world I'M PREGNANT!!! Had an urge to stop everyone I passed at work and say oh yeah by the way there's a baby on board! I just cannot believe it right now. I am trying not to be too excited because it's still early, but I can't help it.
Last night while laying in bed, Kyle did his usual good nights, but altered. He said "good night mall-malls" (that's our Dachshund Molly), "good night Laura" and gave me a kiss, then "night night bean" and he rubbed my belly. I teared up! It was so sweet!
So the spring will be super busy. My sister is due April 20th, I graduate grad school May 12th, my little brother graduates high school May 26th, and my tentative due date is June 10th! Goodness!! Busy busy, but totally worth it!
Aaaaahhhhhhh I AM PREGNANT!!!!!

Weekly Updates

So I decided to start doing weekly updates...bump-dates if you will...and adding belly pictures in a couple weeks when the pooch sets in!  :)  Be on the look out...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kyle told his folks...

We visited Kyle's parents in July/August for about 10 days, and Kyle hasn't really talked with them since...they live in Montana, us in Texas, so it isn't unusual for them to go weeks without talking. Anyway, his mom called to check on us and he ended up telling her. She is excited! After he talked with her he called is sister in New York and told her. I talked with her for a little bit about it all, and she put in an order for a niece :) he wasn't planning on telling them until after the ultrasound next Friday, but I guess he couldn't hold in his excitement :) fine by me!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Told Some Family...

So I told my sister about being pregnant (can't say that enough), almost instantly after we found out.  Then this weekend, we told my brother and my parents.  Kyle was a little iffy about telling people so soon, I think he's scared about something happening, but I told him whether we tell them or not it will or will not ensure something does or does not happen.  I also told him that I wanted to share with my family because then if something did happen I would want them to be there for us during that time.  So anyway, we decided to tell my parents Saturday.  After I took the tests on Monday I took pictures with my phone, and Kyle said I should text one to my brother and have him show my mom.  So here's how the text conversation went:

Me:  Picture
Jacob: R u pregnant? if so do u want me to tell mom or wait for u to
Me: we are almost there so show her
Jacob: she cant see good though lol

At this point Kyle and I are turning into their drive way...we only live like a 1/4 mile apart.  So I asked Jacob if he told her and he said no.  So we went to show here the picture and guess what...she can't see it!  She put her glasses on but still couldn't make it out.  So I told  her we were having a baby.  She was a little shocked, but excited. I then walked up to my dad who was in the kitchen and told him he was going to be a pops x2 in the spring!  He goes what?!  How did that happen? Haha!  They seemed pretty excited, not all jumping up and down or anything, but they aren't like that :)

I'm so glad that we told them!  I was having a difficult time going over there this past week and not say something to them about it!  Now we just have to tell Kyle's parents before we announce it to the world.  I'm not sure when he wants to tell them, but I don't really want to tell a lot of people until we are closer to being out of the first trimester, just to be safe!  Anyway, I'm getting tired, so I'm headed to the shower and then to bed!  Talk to you soon!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October close yet so far....

We go for the confirmation appointment, and to hopefully see the heartbeat, on October 21.  It seems so close, only 16 days away...yet it feels sooooo far away!  I am hoping the next couple weeks fly by, but my schedule at work looks pretty open so it will probably drag on and on and on.  I'm just so excited!  AHHH

Still Smiling!

I don't think I've stopped smiling since Monday around 1:30pm!  I am so ecstatic!  The normal first few weeks symptoms have started showing up.  I find myself more and more tired, but I heard your body uses over a quarter of its energy during this time for the baby, so I'll definitely take the tired!  It's strange though, I go the bed early, wake up on time, then feel like I hit a wall around 10:30am, and my second wind comes around  1:00pm, then I'm good until 7 or 8 pm and the cycle starts all over again.  I'm so pooped, I wish I could curl up under my desk right now and take a power nap...nobody would notice...right?!?  In addition to being sleepy, I am starting to feel a bit queezy from time to time, but I haven't lost my cookies yet, so fingers crossed that I won't!  I'm not feeling too terribly hungry either.  Yesterday Dana and I went to McAlisters and got 1/2 a McAlisters club and chicken tortialla soup in a bread bowl.  Typically I will eat the entire bread bowl, soup and all, but not yesterday.  I walked away with not even half the soup gone!  Totally not like me!  I guess that's not a bad thing, but the baby needs all it can get right now.  I just need to make sure I take all my vitamins!  Well 10-4 readers, mommy is going back to work!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What all we've done

I am sitting here thinking about all the months we tried and tests we did to get this luckily get pregnant naturally. And honestly...I would do it all again. I would go through the stress, pain, and tears for this every day if I needed to. I fully believe this journey brought Kyle and I closer, at least I hope he feels it did too. He is my rock, my salvation,  and my best friend. As we start this new chapter in our lives, I know there will be many bumps along the way, but he will be there with me holding my hand.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Very Own...

So, I'm out of work today because I'm sick!  I woke up somewhere between 1am & 2am and was sweating my butt off with the chills and I pretty much felt like I got hit by a bus!  My pjs were soaked and I feel like crap.  I woke up around 6am and decided I didn't feel up to par enough to go to work, so around 6:30 I called my boss and told her I wasn't feeling good and wouldn't be in today.  Kyle ended up calling in today too, so we both rolled over and went back to sleep.  I felt like crap most of the morning, and while watching Maury and eating a bowl of vegetable soup, I picked up my phone and started counting my days until AF comes to visit.  Well last week I was spotting, bloated, moody, emotional, etc. just as I am every month when AF comes.  Only...SHE NEVER CAME!  Ok, ok Laura calm down there is a simple explanation for everything...I O'd late by like 3 days. Ok so if I O'd late then I should start 3 days late.  My projected start date was Sunday (yesterday) and I didn't start.  At this point Kyle leaves to run to town and by some seed to drill in the pasture for the cows.  So I'm thinking to myself that I don't really feel like I'm going to start today or something; the bloating and mild cramps were gone.  At this point I'm telling myself that I'm paranoid and just letting myself get my hopes up, but I decided to go test...worst case I'm not pregnant and not out anything but a HPT.  So I go pee and lay the stick down in front of me on the floor, and I'm fixing to stand up when I see the line start coming in...not any line THE line! I thought to my self, oh shit! and I jumped up and took it into the bigger part of the bathroom and sure enough there were two freaking lines!  TWO, count that 1, 2! I picked up my cell phone and call Kyle to see if he's almost home...what do I hear?  His cell phone ringing on the counter...ugh he never has his phone with him! Then I hear his truck pulling into the yard, and I meet him at the door.  He comes walking up on the deck with a can crusher, and I ask if he got me something?  He said yes, and I told him I had something for him too.  I told him I'd trade, and he put out his hand and I put the test in his hand and he hands me the can crusher.  He looks at it, looks at me, looks at it, looks at me. And says what does that mean?  I smiled and he says, you're pregnant?!?  I said yeah and started crying!  He gave me a huge squeeze and just held me.  I was ecstatic and he was happy!  I just didn't know what to say and he just smiled and chuckled!  So we went on with the day and I kept periodically checking the stick like the results were going to magically disappear or something.  This evening after supper I decided to pee on a digital one, just to further confirm that I wasn't misreading the first test, and it popped up pregnant with no not in front of it! Pregnant, that's me, that's my status now!  Pregnant!  I called my doctors nurse this afternoon to see when I needed to schedule a confirmation appointment and she said to schedule it now for after the 15th of October, so at 2:20pm Friday, October 21 we will officially get to see our bambino!  So ecstatic!