Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 38

Baby Size: 19.5"
Baby Weight: 6.8 lb
 Today was my 38 week appointment, and I am still at the same as I was last week; 90% effaced and dilated 1cm.  It really sucked to go in and not have any progress since last week.  Even if I would have gone to 2cm that would have been some type of progress.  So the DR told me he'd see me next Friday unless I surprise him and come earlier this week...but he didn't see like that was very promising.  I'm guessing he was off a little by saying it would be a May baby and that it would be within 2 weeks.  Again, a little bummed, but I guess it is better the longer he stays in there baking!  Like my sister said, I just need to enjoy the me time, time alone with Kyle, not changing diapers, and only having to wipe my own butt!!  Haha!!

I am still pretty miserable this week, but that's to be expected...just ready for him to be here!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 37

Friday was a rather busy day.  I went to my little brothers high school graduation breakfast, shopping with my mom, to my mom's doctors appointment, then to my 37 week appointment.  At this appointment I found out that I'm 90% thinned and 1 cm dilated.  I was secretly hoping to be further along, but I can't rush my body I guess...not matter how much I try.  My mom and sister ask after each appointment if the dr said how big Colton is, and as always I forget...BUT since mom was there with me she remembered to ask.  He said that he thinks he's about 7-7.5 lbs right now...which assuming I carry to 40 weeks that puts him around 8.5lbs when we deliver...give or take a little.

So how am I feeling...miserable!  The novelty has long worn off and been replaced with swelling, sleepless nights, cramps, braxton hicks, and annoying questions from everyone and their dog!  When I was first pregnant the questions didn't bother me, but now I get the same questions every day and it's rather annoying.  Want to know the kicker?!?  I tell them it annoys me and they still keep asking!!  For whatever reason it doesn't bother me when certain people ask questions, but there are some people that it just irritates the hell out of me!!  Then they make some comment about being grumpy, in a bad mood, hormonal...something....and it makes me want to smack them haha!  I mean I understand people have questions and wonder, but geez asking me every 5 minutes how I feel doesn't do anything but irritate me even more.  I guess if they would actually listen when I say quit asking that would be one thing, but when they totally ignore it that's another...

One thing I know for sure...I'm ready for Colton to make his baby c'mon!!! :)

Just saw this and LOVE it!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So as the week progresses I keep thinking about what my doctor said at my appointment last week and wonder where I will be at my appointment on Friday.  I'm going to be highly disappointed if I go in Friday and there are no changes, but hey, it's possible!  It's also possible that just because my dr thinks I'm going to have him early that I may have him late...just my luck!

The more days that pass I have more fears that keep coming up.   I have this fear that I'll be in labor and just not know for some reason.  Or that I'll be taking a shower when my water breaks and I won't know it broke or something crazy like that.  I know it's all stupid fears, but oh well!!  I also worry that I won't know what a real contraction is.  I've googled and read about them, but reading about them versus really having them are two different things.  PLUS there are so many different things that can be considered 'contractions' or 'labor.'  Contractions don't have to hurt, and they don't have to be just in your uterus...I read a few minutes ago you can have contractions in your lower back.  UGH!  So confusing.  Then when you ask someone all they say is 'you'll know.'  How the hell am I suppose to 'know' when I don't know what to even watch for?!?  They seriously need a pre-labor/labor for dummies book!  It could tell you all the things to look for, and hell, I don't know, give you a comparison on what it feels like so you'll know!  I know I'm freaking out...I know...half of the battle is admitting you have a the other half is making it to the hospital without having my baby at home or in Walmart...

Oh heaven help Colton :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

36 Week Appointment

Baby Size: 18.5"
Baby Weight: 6 lb
I had my 36 week appointment today and the doctor said Colton has dropped!  Not only has he dropped, but my cervix has dropped and is starting to thin.  The doctor said that based on what he 'typically' sees he doesn't see me making it 2 more weeks much less make it to my due date!  A little scary, freaky, exciting, and anxious all at the same time.  I still have so much to do!  I'm going to pack my hospital bag and Colton's stuff tonight.  Then finish getting his room ready tomorrow :)  Super excited!!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Shower #2

May 1st my awesome co-workers did a baby shower at work! There was a great turn out and we got lots of goodies and gift cards :)  I <3 gift cards!!!

The tractor diaper cake was too cute!

The picture matched the bedding set from the nursery :)

All my loot!!

Baby Shower #1

My sister and best friend planned a great baby shower for me on April 1st :)  I just now got the pictures from my mom and sister, so I am just getting to post the pictures.

The shower was great and I got a lot of great goodies for Colton :) I am so thankful for everything and everyone's well wishes!  It makes it so much easier and reassuring to know that we have support from friends and family.

Loved this!!!

Thought this was so sister did a towel cake for my wedding shower,
so it is made it even more special to me :)

Little did we know this would be her last belly picture :)
She delivered 2 days later!

My dad got the boys their first bb guns :)

35 Weeks today!

Baby Size: 18.25"
Baby Weight: 5.25 lb
35 weeks!

Only 5 weeks left...

Bump-Date: Week 33 & 34

Week 33
Baby Size: 17"
Baby Weight: 4 lb

Week 34
Baby Size: 18"
Baby Weight: 4.75 lb
Goodness I have been slacking on my blogging!  I have been super tired and busy the last couple weeks.  Everything is starting to make me anxious and I feel like I am running out of time to get everything finished before Colton gets here in a few weeks.  I have furiously been working on the nursery getting things unpacked, washed, arranged, and put there I think I want them to go...some of that will probably change once he's here and we find better places for things :)  I'm scared, anxious, and excited all at one time!!

I have been complaining for the past few weeks about swelling and I am saddened to report that has not gotten any better...if anything it is worse!  Some laugh because my ankles disappear some days, but it's all part of the game I guess :)  Braxton hicks are few an far between, but the cramping is daily.  It feels like period cramping, but instead of it lasting all day, it lasts for a few minutes to a few hours then goes away, and comes back.  My doctor said that's just everything getting geared up for delivery so it isn't anything to be concerned with unless they get regular or unbearable.

Speaking of the doctor, I talked with him at my appointment last week about the results from my last ultrasound...I know it's been over a month since I got it done, but he was out having shoulder surgery so we haven't had a chance to talk about it.  Anyway, my placenta is 2cm away from the cervical opening, and that is apparently far enough that he is confident we will not need to schedule a c-section!!  I understand things can go wrong/unplanned during delivery that can cause a c-section, but for now it appears like the placenta shouldn't be the issue!  He said they will monitor is more closely during delivery since it is low lying to ensure it isn't causing any issues for my or the baby, but other than that all should be good :)  Woohoo!!!!

We have officially finished our child birthing classes!  I don't feel like there was a lot that I took away from the class because most of what we went over I knew from family or from experience with others babies :) I also took a breastfeeding class that really has me excited to try breastfeeding!  I was always one to say heck no to breastfeeding because I was worried about personal reasons rather than health reasons for Colton, but as it gets closer I realize that it is the best thing for him; especially at first!  I'm not sure that I will be able to do it long term just based on the amount my mom and sister were able to produce, but I am going to give it a shot.  The class really taught me a lot that I didn't know...which was practically nothing about breastfeeding...and like I said got me excited to try!!