Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Scare...

We had a bit of a scare yesterday!  Actually, it all started Sunday night.  I was laying with Colton in bed, picked him up to put him in his bed, and noticed something didn't feel right.  After I got him settled, I went to the bathroom and noticed that I had started bleeding.  I did spot a bit with Colton, but nothing like this... I was literally dripping blood!  It totally freaked me out, so I called my sister to get her opinion.  She said to keep an eye on it to see if the color/flow changed any over night, and if so to call the on call dr or go to the ER.  I watched it throughout the night and it didn't seem to be any worse, until I got up in the morning and started moving around.  The color darkened and started looking more like a period than spotting AND the cramps started shortly after.  I called the on call dr because the office wasn't open yet, and she said to call the office before noon (yeah like I'd wait that long!) and they would see me today to check it out.  I called right at 8 and got an appointment at 9:20.  I tried calling/texting Kyle to find out if he could meet me up there, and nothing...no answer no response no nothing!  FOR LIKE AN HOUR!! By the time he finally calls me...after I texted his friend to see if they were together...I was already at my moms working getting her so I wouldn't have to go alone to find out what was going on.  I yelled...ohhhhhh did I yell at that man!  On any normal day I understand his job and that he can't always have his cell on him, but not yesterday...yesterday it was totally unacceptable in my book!  Honestly he could have gotten fired for having it on him and I don't think I would have really cared!  Ok I probably would have cared today...but not yesterday.  So when I finally calm down and quit yelling at him, he says he's already in the truck on his way to the dr.  So my mom and I get there, get checked in, and go do vitals before going back to the exam room.  My bp was 154/117...yeah not good haha!  Nervous much?!?  We go back to the room and the dr comes in shortly...still no Kyle...he works about 20-25 minutes from the office.  He jumps right to the ultrasound to check everything; that was the longest 30-60 seconds of. my. life. Until he smiles and says well the baby looks good and has a strong heartbeat.  Tears rolled down my face, and I looked at my mom and she let out a huge sign of relief and said thank you.  (Funny how uncontrollable scared tears can switch so quickly to tears of joy!) Mom got to see the baby and the heartbeat, and we talked with the dr a few minutes about why this happens and what to expect.  The front desk paged the room and said Kyle was there, so we waited a minute and he came in and was able to see the baby too; he didn't get to be at the ultrasound last week since he was out of town so this was the first time for him to see it.

The doctor told us that this bleeding isn't anything to worry about, but is classified as a 'threatened miscarriage' meaning that while there is nothing to worry about this is still a chance I could miscarry.  I understand there is a chance of that, the only thing that takes away all changes of miscarriage is birth!  He said the changes of me having a miscarriage is about 3% since we have seen the baby and it has a strong heartbeat, and that if he could give us a 0% he would but can't.  So while that is somewhat reassuring, it is somewhat stressful as well.  I'm going to try not to worry though, because it is all in Gods hands, and I will do what I can do help make it as healthy of a pregnancy as I can...and part of that is to not stress!  On a plus side...I got to see my little peanut again!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet Baby #2

I went to my first doctors appointment Tuesday and got to meet our little peanut!  Unfortunately Kyle was out of town with work, and wasn't able to go, but he gets to 'meet' the peanut in a for real picture (not just a text of the picture) tonight when he gets home!  World meet peanut...peanut world!

Peanut 2014

We have a due date of September 6, 2014!  If this one follows suit with Colton, it will hopefully be an August baby :) I had it figured as 7w3d and measure 7w1d, so I wasn’t off too much!  If you look closely you can see where the leg and arm buds are…DR said they should be real arms in the next week or so.  I got to see the heartbeat flutter, although it isn’t loud enough yet to be able to hear it…that comes at our next appointment at 12 weeks.  Check out the comparison of Colton’s at 6w1d, crazy how much 7 shorts days changes in their world so much!

I have been feel nauseated off and on for the last couple of weeks, and have developed a strange…yes strange…food aversion.  I can’t eat baked chicken!  I mean I literally can’t eat it!  I tried fried chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a and was able to eat them, but later that day I ate with my parents and they had crockpot chicken breast and I couldn’t eat those.  That’s 4 times already that I haven’t been able to each baked/pan cooked chicken…just the fried that one time!  I LOVE chicken and cook it a lot, so I’m hoping this is temporary and doesn’t last too long; with Colton I couldn’t eat yogurt the entire pregnancy.  I have noticed as well that my parents are starting to get a little tighter, but I’m sure it’s just bloat since the peanut is so small :) my DR did say that I would show sooner with this one since it is my second and my uterus and stomach muscles know what to do…so this could be interesting!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Coming back...

I know it has been months since I last posted anything about Colton, but I felt after he turned 1 that the blog had fulfilled everything that I set out to with it...document our journey to getting pregnant, the pregnancy itself, and his first year of life.  Here is a recent picture of the not so little anymore guy!  He is growing into such a little man, and everyday he surprises me with something new he says or discovers...truly amazing!

With that being said, I would like to announce that I will be making a come back for the next year or so :)  As Colton is being promoted to "Big Brother!"  I go to my confirmation appointment January 21, so a week away before we meet our bean for the first time!!  I'm super excited, and can't wait to document the next year!