Sunday, September 25, 2011

BFP...just not mine...

Well there is going to be a baby in the sister is expecting baby #2!!  I found out a few weeks back, but just now wanted to post about it in case something happened.  Must say that I secretly hope she's having a little girl :)  I'd like to have the first boy...selfish I know, but I'd like to :)  Her due date is in April, maybe she'll have it March 30th...nothing special that day, but it's my birthday!

So I must say how I found out!  It was August 19th, and my sister was at my house because she was going to my HSG with me since Kyle had to work.  So I was holding my niece, who just turned 3, and was telling her how she needs to tee-tee in the potty like a big girl--she is anti-using the potty and has no interest AT ALL!--anyway, I was telling her how she needed to be a big girl because what if mommy and daddy had another baby and then they would have to wipe the baby's booty and hers!  We talked for a couple minutes back and forth about it, and then she says "my mommy has a baby in her hinny."  I rolled it off and said whatever, she repeated a little louder "my MOMMY has a BABY in her hinny."  I laughed and glanced at my sister who would NOT make eye contact with me at all!  I said something to my niece again and she yelled in her sweet little voice 'MY MOMMY HAS A BABY IN HER HINNY!!!!" I looked at my sister and she had a couple of tears rolling down her face and I asked if she had a baby in her hinny, and she said, 'well not my hinny.'  I was soooo happy!  She said she didn't want to tell me yet, certainly not on the day when I was going to get tested for our TTC issues.  I thought it was adorable how my niece told me, and thought my sisters reaction as her daughter was telling me was hilarious!  Definitely a memory I will forever cherish!

Since then, they have told my parents, brother, and a couple other people.  My niece will not even acknowledge the possibility of the baby being a boy.  She wants a baby 'gir' as she says, really bad!  It's too cute, you can ask her well what if it's a boy, and she responds 'what if its a gir?'  Sometimes it's like seriously, is she only 3?!?

Well I need to wrap this up!  Talk with you soon!