Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bump-Date: Week 10

Baby Size: 1"; Kumquat

Baby Weight: <0.5oz
Well I just ended week 10! Everything was good this week, and I've started looking at furniture to see what all I really like...I've been looking just not actively looking and comparing reviews/prices!  It's getting exciting. The baby was the size of a prune this week and now has all fingers, toes, and major organs!  I can't wait until December 1st to hear the heartbeat, makes me super excited.  This week I noticed that my lower abdomen is sore depending on how to sit/stand/lay, I assume it's everything stretching...speaking of stretching...I am getting these light white stretch marks!  From the research I've done, it doesn't matter how much lotion you do or do not use, nor the type of lotion you use, if you're going to get're going to get the regardless!  Boo...hopefully they stay white, otherwise I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

Today's Thanksgiving and  I'm thankful for Kyle, our expanding family, our families and friends!  Thank you to everyone who influences our lives :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bump-Date: Week 9

Baby Size: <1"; Grape or Olive

Baby Weight: <0.5oz
This week the baby is the size of a green olive (.9 inches)!  Baby Olivia or Oliver this week...haha!  Symptoms have yet evaded another week; little to no nausea, just sleepy.  The last few weeks I have been getting dizzy, light headed, clammy, and hot in Church while kneeling or standing.  Then yesterday I went to the restroom at work and almost blacked out when I stood up.  I called and talked with the nurse at the dr's office and she said it's pretty normal because my heart is having a hard time adjusting to the excessive blood and blood flow, so when I stand up or stay in one position too long my blood pressure bottoms out; it's called postural hypertension.  They said it's common in the first trimester and not to worry unless it happens while sitting down.  I just don't like that feeling and the sickly feeling I have afterwards for like 30 minutes.

I noticed this week that my stomach has gotten noticeably harder in my lower abdomen, and I am 'growing' this 'ring' about 1/2" - 1" below my belly button...I'm assuming this is baby fat forming haha!  I also noticed certain jeans are too tight while others are too big.  I have a pair of low rise pants that are uncomfortable to wear because of where they hit my belly.  However, I have a pair of super low rise pants that are too big!  It's like my pooch moved up my stomach to my newly formed 'ring' so the low rise pants are falling off.  It's kind of humorous and annoying all at the same time.

Well I'm sleepy so I'm going to wrap this up, but here's a picture for week 9...still a little tubby and bloat, but take my word there is firmness under my 'ring' that you can see haha! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bump-Date: Week 8

Baby Size: <1"; Kidney Bean

Baby Weight: <0.5oz
Just realized I'm a week behind!  Week 8 came and went relatively easy.  I felt great, just a little tired.  I have noticed that more of my clothes are starting to fit differently, and I'm growing this...this....'ring' around my belly button area!  Not sure where it came from, but seemed like I woke up with it.  I've also noticed my dog Molly increasingly wanting to lay on my stomach and getting upset and jumpy if I won't let her...seems to be easier to just give in.  I think it's cute she knows there's a baby in there :)  Oh well...on to week picture this week sorry!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bump-Date: Week 7

Baby Size: <1"; Blueberry

Baby Weight: <0.5oz
This week the little bean is the size of a blueberry (1/2 inch), and its arm and leg buds are starting to transform into real arms and legs!  Little fingers, little toes, everything!  The past week has been good, nausea hasn't been horrible, but I am super tired.  I always heard pregnant people say how they are tired, but this is a different type of tired; it's more of an exhaustion then sleepy tiredness.  I know what is going on inside me, but I just didn't realize how much it would physically drain my body.  I mean I knew, I just didn't realize what it would really feel like.