Monday, April 23, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 32

Baby Size: 16.7"; Large Jicama
Baby Weight: 3.75 lb
 Ugh!  That's the best way I can describe this week!!  I have been sooooo exhausted :( I don't do much (other than grow my unborn child) and I get so worn out.  I mowed grass Saturday morning/early afternoon, and it knocked me out the rest of the day.  I'm guessing I won't be mowing grass much longer...darn! haha!

Tuesday we went to our first child birth class...didn't really learn anything I didn't already know.  I was expecting it to be like my mom use to talk about, where they teach you breathing techniques and such, but all we did was listen/watch a powerpoint presentation the L&D nurse did.  We have three total classes; Tuesday nights for 3 weeks.  This next week we are suppose to go over C-sections and issues with labor.  I want to ask her about my placenta, and if she thinks it will cause any issues during labor.  I really want to talk to my dr about it, but I'm not totally sure how to ask.  I understand that issues can arise in a normal pregnancy and a c-section may be needed, but I'm curious if he thinks my placenta being low will cause any issues.  What are the chances of issues?  If there can be issues, what is his limit on how far he'll let me go?  If I have a c-section, what is his view on natural delivery for #2?  I tried to talk with him about it before, and he said it was still too soon to tell.  Now I'm 7 weeks away at the most (hopefully) and I'm getting concerned.  Not 'concerned' but anxious about knowing/not knowing what to expect.  My next appointment is May 1st, so I'll try to talk with him about it again.  Hopefully I can get some answers then, if not I'll talk to the L&D nurse at birth class about it that night I guess.

I'm also still having cramping and braxton hicks periodically.  The cramps seem to begetting worse every couple days, and happen a few times a day; the braxton hicks aren't as frequent and are painless.  I asked my dr about the cramping at my last appointment and he said it's everything just getting geared up for delivery.  Before labor you can experience two things, cramping and/or braxton hicks...I happen to get both; cramping just more than the braxton hicks.  Oh and I'm still swelling too :(  My feet swell all the time!!  I know it's just getting geared up, so hopefully it stays in the feet and lower legs...sure don't want it moving up to the rest of my body!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nursery Update

So I realize that I haven't put anything on here in almost a month about the status of the nursery.  I worked on it hardcore during Spring Break, and then it slacked a little so I work on it when I can and when I have the energy.  Here are a few pictures to show the progress :)  Don't mind the mess and clutter...still a work in progress!

Took a little while, but got the fan replaced!

Bump-Date: Week 31

Baby Size: 16.25"; Pineapple
Baby Weight: 3.3 lb
This week we relatively easy, I've just been super tired, not sleeping well at night, and my feet/ankles are starting to swell more!  If I walk...period...they swell now, and it's to the point that it is making them sore.  Ugh!  I also feel like this heat wave that has hit our area is taking it's toll...ok maybe not quite a heat wave, it's gotten up into the 80s, but damn it feels like it's about 101 out there!!!  I have turned into a total hot box and I am usually pretty cool/cold, but not anymore.  I'm also not sleeping well, I can't sleep an entire night through, and I'm super pooped all day!  I just wish I could sleep!!

Had a lady at work this week ask me how I've been feeling and I told her great just tried.  She went on to say the first trimester is the worst so I would brighten up and not feel so tired in a few weeks...I told her I didn't think that would really happen.  She asked why, I said because I'm due in 8 weeks and her jaw dropped!!  It was hil-arious!!  She was like I had no idea you were that far along, you don't look like it at all...then the conversation turned to how the baby was going to be small and on and on...ugh!  Just because I'm not a blimp doesn't mean I'm going to have a super small baby or that he won't be healthy...just means I'm not a blimp! haha :)

Well here's some new pics :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 30

Baby Size: 15.5"; Head of Cabbage
Baby Weight: 3 lb

This week was rather eventful!  I was in L&D for monitoring while my sister was in labor with my precious nephew (click here for post), I've had issues with swelling, braxton hicks, and have started working on the nursery again. Since I was in for monitoring I have been having braxton hicks; I mentioned it to my mom today and she said that I may just be more aware of them now and noticing them, whereas before I wasn't paying attention to them.  In addition to braxton hicks, I have been having mild lower cramping.  I assume the cramping is related to the braxton hicks, but I thought they were more than just cramping, more like an entire ab workout.  I have another dr appointment in a couple weeks and will talk with him about it and see if it's just my body getting ready; like I said I assume so.

I went to the dr Wednesday and was supposed to meet with a partner of my normal OB/GYN, but when I checked in they said I could meet with my normal doctor that he was back in the office earlier than expected; he had shoulder surgery a few weeks back.  So after waiting for ever to see him (1 1/2 hours!!) I was able to talk with him.  He asked me about the pain and L&D from the day before.  He said the pain sounds like growing and stretching pains, but to make sure I don't get a fever or have stomach issues and if so to go to the ER to get admitted.  Anyway, apparently Colton is in there sideways (left to right), instead of the way he should be by now (up and down).  Since he's sideways my dr thinks it's causing my stomach muscles to stretch the wrong way, causing all the pains.  He also said that since his sideways it could be causing other issues I'm having as well; the pains, intense constipation (I went 8 days last week without going!!!), weakness, etc.  If by my next appointment Colton hasn't flipped up and down, my dr said he will move him for me to help ease the pain; initially he said it hurts worse, but in the long run it will help me to feel better and not have all the pains I'm having.  Fingers crossed he moves on his own!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy day in L&D...

Before I begin, I must give a bit of background...Last week my sister went to the DR and found out she was dilated to a 3 and could go any day now, but they went ahead and scheduled to induce her April 13th in case he wasn't here by then.  ALSO, the last few days I have been having a pain below by belly button; it hurts when I sit, stand, lay, Colton moves...pretty much all the time.

OK now on to this morning I get a wake up call around 5:30 from my sister that her water had broke and she was at the hospital waiting to get hooked up to all the machines.  After we talked for a few minutes I wasn't able to go back to sleep, and got up to eat breakfast and get ready for work.  I ate, got a little nauseous, and got ready for work.  As I was up and moved around more the pain progressively got worse.  I went into work and called the doctors office as soon as they open at 8am. I left them a message describing my pain and the issues I was having.  I hadn't heard back from them by 10:30 so I called again and told them the pain was worse and spreading down my right abdomen.  ...Mind you my sister is in labor during all the doctors office calls me right back to get more information.  They take my information and say they will call me back after they report to my doctor.  They called back and told me I had two options; report to labor & delivery for evaluation (which my doctor highly recommended), or two I could try to get an appointment with the on call doctor.  I asked since he recommended going in, so I really have a choice, and she pretty much said no...haha!  So I tell them I'll head right over.  I try to call Kyle and tell him, but of course since I need him he didn't have his cell with him and wasn't at his desk.  I then called my sister to tell her that I was headed over there, but not to see her, to get admitted myself.  Her husband texted me and said to come see her first, otherwise I wouldn't be able to see her until they let me out.  So I went and told her hi and give her my love, and she was dilated to a 6...this was 10:45.  I went to admitting, and she texted me at 11:15 to say she was a 9!!  By the time I got to triage and got hooked up she was pushing!!  So here we are, she's in labor, literally like 4 rooms away from me, and I'm in triage getting hooked up to fetal monitors to figure out why I'm in pain.  I told the nurse that came in that my sister was a few rooms away in labor; she responded and said that she was just in there and the baby was probably already here!!!  I got a text from my brother in law a few minutes later and Mr. Logan had made his appearance!!  What are the chances that she would be in labor and I'm in triage getting checked out?!?!?  Crazy!!!

So Kyle finally gets there and we sit....and sit...and sit...monitors are all hooked up and they are waiting to see if the pain worsens and to get some lab work back.  Kyle ends up going back to work after a couple hours, but goes to meet Logan before he leaves.  My nurse kept coming in and checking on me, and I told her I wish I could see my nephew and sister.  So she calls my sisters nurse and asks her to stop by when they move them to post labor/delivery.  A few minutes later there was a knock on my door and in wheeled my sister and nephew!  He was sooooo stinkin' cute!  I couldn't hold him because they were literally putting in my IV when they came in.  So I could just look, but it was great to see him and to see my sister was ok :)  OK, so all is good there...10 fingers, 10 toes, and labor was minimal!! Seriously, her water broke at 3am and he was born just after 11am!  Her husband said she only pushed for about 10-15 glad it was easy on her and him!

Well I'm still sitting pain hooked up to this machine, just waiting to see if the IV helps the pain and contractions stop...when the on call dr came in to check me vaginally it made minimal contractions turn into mild/moderate contractions because apparently when you check the cervix it releases hormones that can cause contractions.  So they just wanted to get them down and back leveled out...they still didn't know what was causing my pain.  After a couple more hours of pain, boredom, and wishing I could be with my sister who was just down the hall, they finally decided that they weren't sure what was causing the pain.  They had ruled out a UTI and kidney infection, but couldn't rule out my appendix or a possible bowel obstruction.  So since the contractions had calmed down, and Colton was ok, they released me.  Once released, I went straight to my sisters room and officially met my nephew!!

So today was a long, stressful, yet joyful and glorious day!  I woke up in bed with a pain that I wasn't sure what was causing it, and now I'm laying in bed in pain and not sure what's causing it...basically I'm not any further ahead going to bed as when I crawled out this morning.  But I know Colton is ok, and my sister/brother in law welcomed a new addition!  So a great day, but stressful day as well :)  Goodnight all!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bump-Date: Week 29

Baby Size: 15"; Butternut Squash
 Baby Weight: 2.5 lb

So I'm getting horrible about remembering to take pictures every other week!  I have gotten to where I have so much going on and not enough go-go juice to keep up!  This is my last week of teaching night class, so hopefully after this I will get a few extra nights, and extra energy to get back on the ball!

Everything is going by so quickly and I still have so much to do! I'm still super tired this week, and still having a difficult time sleeping soundly; I wake up all the time for every little noise...I use to be able to sleep through a freight train going through my room, and Molly yawns and I wake up.  Frustrating!  I also feel like my belly is growing in leaps and bounds the past few weeks; I'm going to try to take a picture tonight and post if it I remember once I get home from teaching!  Well I better get back to work!  I had my shower yesterday and will post pictures and info this week! It was awesome :)