Monday, April 22, 2013

West Explosion...

I try to think that I can keep Colton safe and can shelter him from any harm, but the past few days has really opened my eyes to realize that I cannot always protect him from everything because somethings are simply out of our control.  My little hometown was shaken the evening of April 17th when the West Fertilizer Plant exploded.  We live about 8 miles away from where the explosion happened and were unharmed with no damages to our home; others were not so lucky!  Thus far 14 have died, 10 of those being first responders that were on the scene when the explosion happened.  I hate reading online and in the paper and seeing names that I know, and seeing friendly familiar faces in the obituaries.  Among the buildings and homes that were destroyed was the Intermediate campus and the city park; the middle school and high school had damages as well and are under investigation to test their structural integrity.  As I looked through the pictures I couldn't help but feel saddened that Colton would never attend that campus, that he would never get to play on the playground that the FFA students built for the city when I was a member.  I know all of these things will be rebuilt, but it just saddens me; and is petty considering some friends lost it all--my best friends parents believe they have lost their home, but have been unable to get back to it yet to truly assess the damages.  Seeing these things on TV make it feel unreal; this does not happen to us.  Stuff like this happens to other people in other towns, not our sweet quite town. Chris Low definitely said it best in this song he wrote for the town; Shaken Not Stirred.  Despite the chaos, my best friend got married Saturday in a beautiful ceremony!  I know it was difficult for her, but everyone needed some time away from the chaos; especially her family since they have possibly lost their home.  She was a beautiful bride, and the day definitely served as a pleasant distraction for all in attendance :)

Life will go on, it just may be a little different and look a little different.  Our ground was shaken, but our faith was not stirred!

The park is the ground area in the middle of the picture,
and the apartment complex it just the the left of that.
Intermediate Campus

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 months...

My little big guy is 10 months old now!  Time sure is flying by fast!  Everyone said it would go by fast, but I didn't realize how fast it would really go by...kind of bitter sweet.  He is pulling to his knees and standing more and more everyday!  Before long I know he'll be taking steps and walking, then running and I'll never be able to get him to sit down again haha!  He is getting more teeth, 3 right now with a 4th working it's way out.  We had started trying him on table food and that's a little more difficult then I thought it would be.  He has no problem eating table food, like waffles, noodles, veggies, at daycare, but at home it's a different story.  I have a difficult time getting him to eat anything other than baby food at home. I'm not sure if it is the difference of school vs. home and like at school he has other kids that are doing the same thing as him.  I don't know, but I'm sure he'll catch on soon enough...especially since he eats more meals/snacks at school than at home.  He babbles more now since his tubes, but still only says dada :) he just laughs if you say mama! 

My nephew Logan turned 1 last week and we had his party this past weekend.  Colton and I went to stay with them Friday night to help out with the party Saturday; I was watching the kiddos while my sister and brother in-law got things together.  Saturday afternoon I took Colton and Logan for a wagon ride and Colton loved it!  This was his first wagon ride and he didn't want to get out of the wagon!  He kept wanting to go back outside and ride some more.  During the party he spent majority of the time in the wagon, content just sitting in it.  So now I've add a wagon to his list of Spring must haves :)  He also had a great time swinging at my sisters house too!  He just laughed and smiled the entire time.  He really enjoys going to my sisters house!!

First Easter...

The Easter Bunny made it to our house :)  He brought Colton some snacks since he can't have candy yet, and boy did Colton love those snacks!!  Since he was still contagious with pink eye we didn't make to Granny's house to see all of the family, but my sister and brother in-law stopped by to see us for a few minutes on their way to my moms house; we didn't want to take Colton to mom since my niece and nephew were there...didn't want to share the pink eye!  Pink eye is all cleared up now thankfullly, and we managed to keep it contained just to him so yay!!

Belated Easter Pictures