Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bump-Date #2: Week 12

Baby Size: 2"; Lime
Baby Weight: 0.5oz

 This week has been great!  I have been feeling good...starting to get some energy back :) Poor Colton has an ear infection and RSV, so I was home with him for a couple days, but other than that all is going good! We had our 12 week check up yesterday and go to hear the little bean's heartbeat; 163bmp and strong!  We go back in 4 weeks, and at that appointment we will make the ultrasound appointment to hopefully find out if it's a he or less than 6 weeks away!  I remember when I was pregnant with Colton everything seemed to take longer.  The first trimester never seemed like it would end, and hearing 6 more weeks until finding the gender seemed like an eternity.  Now it's like only 6 weeks!  This pregnancy is flying by so much faster, and I'm really enjoying that to be honest :)

Here's my first bump picture...I've been bad this go round about taking pictures, but I will be better!
12 weeks 1 day

Molly is glad to have her pillow back :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bump-Date #2: Week 11

Baby Size: 1.5"; Fig
Baby Weight: <0.5oz

Week 11 is starting off relatively quiet and uneventful..which is great! I haven't had any bleeding in about a week, which is great :)  I am starting to getting a little bump, but I'm thinking only I can really notice the change so far.  Clothes are getting snugger by the day.  We called my Granny and told her Friday night, and that phone call was followed by an email to my aunts letting them all know as well.  Then today, Colton wore a cute "Big Bro" shirt to school to let people at his school and my work know.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bump-Date #2: Weeks 6-10

I have been horrible about keeping up with my weekly updates this go around, but I am going to get better about that I promise!  It was easier the first time because I would go home, kick back, rest, and type my blog; but now it's craziness at home with Colton running around :)  Good crazy!

Week 10:
Baby Size: 1"; Kumquat
Baby Weight: <0.5oz
Bleeding is starting to slow down, and only happened at the start of the week, which is great!  I'm trying to take it a little easier and still not worry!  Been super tired though!  Can't wait until our next appointment on the 27th to hear the little boogers heartbeat!

Week 9:
Baby Size: <1"; Grape or Olive
Baby Weight: <0.5oz
I've started noticing certain pants are fitting tighter, but I'm better most of that is bloat and/or weight gain than baby since it's still so small!  I did manage to get my maternity clothes out of the storage shed...not washed but out of the shed so that's one step closer.  Maybe I'll have energy later in the week to actually wash them and get them hanging in the closet.

We're starting to talk about the transition for Colton.  We want to make this as smooth and stress-less as possible.  The big decision this week was, do we keep Colton's room 'Coltons' or do we move him to a new room and keep his current room the baby room.  After a couple nights of talking about it, we decided to keep Colton's room 'Coltons.'  We've even gotten him to start calling it his room, so when he calls us we ask where are you?  He chimes back my roooooom :) super cute!

Week 8:
Baby Size: <1"; Kidney Bean
Baby Weight: <0.5oz
I'm slowing finding out that there are things I can't physically I cannot make myself eat baked chicken.  Or chicken that has the consistency of baked chicken...cannot do it!  It grows and grows in my mouth to the point that I feel like I'm going to gag.  Which stinks because I really like chicken and use to eat it a lot with Colton.  I'm still bleeding off and on, but trying not to worry, as the doctor reassures me that everything is okay.  The bleeding changes from spotting to a period like flow from day to day...hour to hour really.  Hoping this ends soon or I will end up in the looney bin by the time baby #2 gets here!!