Sunday, August 24, 2014

Long Night...

Last night was a long night...we had a couple friends over for burgers.  After everyone left I gave Colton a bath and went to put him in bed.  When I was carrying him to his bed, my water broke (so I thought).  I called the on call doctor to let her know we were heading in, called my mom, dropped Colton off with my parents, and headed to Labor and Delivery.  Once there, they hooked me up to the monitors and did an amnio test.  I was having mild contractions, but nothing consistent, and I was still a 3 like I was on Thursday.  We waited and waited for the amnio test to come back, and when it came back they said it was negative.  I was totally confused. I was sitting in a puddle of fluid, fluid was leaking down my legs, and soaking wet.  They said, no sorry, it isn't amniotic fluid, and is most likely pee.  I was so mad!  I stood up to get dressed and more fluid went down my leg puddling on the floor.  The nurse was totally confused as well at this point.  So they ran another amnio test.  Again after waiting and waiting, it came back negative.  Turns out I sat in triage for like 3-4 hours to find out that since Dylan dropped he was putting a ton of pressure on my bladder, causing me to leak almost continually, with no control.  Their recommendation?  Bladder control liners until delivery.  Great..haha!  Home we! Come on Baby D!

I'm doing what in my pants?!?

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