Monday, August 18, 2014

Bump-Date #2: Week 36 & 37

Week 36
Baby Size: 18.5"
Baby Weight: 6 lb

Week 37
Baby Size: 18.9" to 20.9"
Baby Weight: 6.2lb - 9lbs

 I had my ultrasound on August 4th and got a sneak peek at Dylan :)  All the measurements looked good, he looked healthy, and everything with me looked great as well.  Turns out that my body shape/type is what is contributing to how I am carrying him; he is up under my ribs more than normal so I am not poking out as much as the 'normal' pregnant person.  Also, we found out that he is measuring a week ahead of my due he may be a big fella!

At my 37 week appointment on August 14th I was already dilated to 3cm, which is crazy because at my 36 week I was nothing!  Just softening, and in a weeks time I thinned and went to a 3.  The dr told me he gave me a week to 10 days tops, but of course I'm not holding my breath too much because Dylan will come when he's ready and not a moment sooner!  Just strange to be walking around like that!!

Come on Little D! Momma is ready :)

Got my maternity pics back this week!  Here are a couple :)

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