Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 1- 6 Flew By...

Oh wow I can't believe how fast everything is going by now! I thought time flew by with Colton, everything is going twice as fast with Dylan!  The first few weeks went really well, he is gaining weight like he should and is changing so much week to week.  He looks sooo much like big brother!

Just a few similarities :)
Week 1:
Week 1 was a big adjustment in our house for everyone!  We went from a family of 3 with a 2 year old, to a family of 4 with a 2 year old and a newborn.  Dylan woke up every 2 to 3 hours to eat, and quickly has gone from 2 oz a feeding to 3!  Colton is being such a great big brother too :) He is amazed by little brother and you can just see how he is amazed.

1 week old

Week 2:
At his 2 week check up all looked good.  He is gaining weight like he should, and was up to 7.69lb and 19.5 inches long.  Can't believe he grew an inch and a half in 2 weeks...that's like you're literally watching his grow if you look at him!  He's still waking up a lot during the night to eat, and the day time is filled with snuggles while brother is a school and daddy is a work!  We ventured out this week to see Gigi and Pops at their work and stopped by my work to show him off :)

Week 3/4:
We noticed a spot on his head that we originally thought was just a scratch is actually a strawberry birthmark, his is ironic because I had one on my arm!  We are out and about a lot these days, meeting friends for lunch and just trying to keep busy...time sure is flying by!

Week 5:

1 month old!  Can't believe a month has already gone by so quickly!  Dylan is growing and changing so much...time needs to slow down already...

Week 6:
Dylan started daycare this week and I went back to work.  It has been difficult adjusting to not being with him all day everyday, but I am getting back into routine at work so it is a little easier now.  My parents noticed a bump on Dylan's right eyebrow that looked similar to a dermoid cyst that I had in my right eyebrow when I was 2.  I took him to the pediatrician and we were referred to a pediatric surgeon in Temple, as the pediatrician agreed that it was a cyst.  We go see the surgeon October 14th, and will know more then as to if he thinks he will need surgery, and if so how soon he will need it.

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